Atomia Billing Server

Payment processes and scheduled tasks

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In Atomia Billing payments can be received through:

  • online payment gateways
  • bank reports

Integration with payment gateways

The Atomia Billing Software Development Kit allows you to create plugins for integration with online payment gateways (such as PayPal).

The integration model allows connecting to payment gateways through API (for PCI certified companies), or by redirecting customers to payment gateway’s web page.

Automated and manual bank reports processing

Besides the online payment gateways, payments can be added to Atomia Billing from the bank statements.

Staff can choose to enter payments manually, using Admin Panel GUI, or to upload report received from the bank.

Atomia Billing Software Development Kit makes it possible to create parser forany kind of electronic bank report. By default, Atomia Billing comes with parsers for Swedish BgMax and TIPS formats.

Custom scheduled tasks

Using the Atomia Billing Software Development Kit, it is possible to write a plugin for almost any kind of periodic task.

Usually such plugins are:

  • Reminders for renewals
  • Periodic reports
  • Thank you notes for customer loyalty
  • Etc.


Atomia Billing offers you many extension points which you can use to customize the workflow of the Billing. Check the API and SDK reference for complete programmability documentation.

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