Atomia Billing Server

Order postprocessing

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Configuration description

Namespace: Atomia.Billing.Plugins.GenericWorkflowPlugin.EventHandlers.OrderEventHandlers

It is possible to alter the flow of the order by:

  1. Applying the campaign
  2. Adding additional subscriptions
  3. Running custom code

Example configuration:

              "SendOrderConfirmationMail": true,
              "ReformatPhoneNumber": false,
              "ApplyToSubresellers": true,
              "SendPaidInvoiceEmail": true
  • SendOrderConfirmationMail Should order confirmation email be sent. If not configured the default is true.
  • OrderConfirmationTemplatePrefix Order confirmation email template prefix.
  • DowngradeRefundTemplatePrefix Downgrade refund email template prefix.
  • DowngradeRefundEmailDestination Downgrade refund email destination.
  • PermanentCampaignCode This campaign code will be added to all orders.
  • ReformatPhoneNumber Should phone numbers (incl. fax and mobile) be reformated to standard format.
  • ApplyToSubresellers If set to true and this configuration is reseller specific then it also applies reseller’s sub-resellers.
  • SendPaidInvoiceEmail If set to true invoices will be sent even if the order was paid directly, if set to false no invoice email will be sent if the order was paid.

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