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Renewals Heads-Up Notifications

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Configuring Renewals Heads-Up Notifications in Atomia Billing.

Configuration description

Namespace: Atomia.Billing.Plugins.GenericWorkflowPlugin.ScheduledTasks.RenewalHeadsUpNotificationScheduledEventHandler

It is possible to notify customers about upcoming renewals. Each product category can have separate notifications rules.

Example configuration:


Renewal heads-up options are specified by JSON structure with the following entries:

  • ScheduleItemsCount Limit the number of subscriptions to be scheduled for renewal heads-up during one run. Zero means no limit.
  • ApprovedItemsCount Limit the number of subscription renewal heads-up tasks to be auto-approved during one run. Zero means no limit.
  • ApplyToSubresellers If set to true and this configuration is reseller specific then it also applies reseller’s sub-resellers.
  • AdditionalOffset Specify additional days in advance to send a renewals heads up email. This number is added on top of the number calculated by the Notifications configuration.
  • Notifications[ ] Contains the actual settings for different product categories.
  • Notifications[ ].AutoApprove Should the renewal heads-up message task be automatically or manually approved (true/false).
  • Notifications[ ].MessageType The message type (0 – Email, 1 – SMS).
  • Notifications[ ].Name A friendly name of this entry.
  • Notifications[ ].SendOnWorkingDayOnly Will the renewal heads up messages be sent on work days only (true/false).
  • Notifications[ ].SendOnPreviousWorkingDay If Notifications[ ].SendOnWorkingDayOnly=true, should the invoice be sent on previous (true) or next work day (false).
  • Notifications[ ].TemplateNamePrefix The template name prefix. For example if this prefix is “RenewalsHeadsUp”, then the system will look for “RenewalsHeadsUp” and “RenewalsHeadsUp in case of Email message or “RenewalsHeadsUp” in case of SMS message.
  • Notifications[ ].Categories[ ] Product categories this entry is applicable to, or all if not set.
  • Notifications[ ].DaysOffset How many days before the subscription renewal date should the message be sent.

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