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Quota Enforce Scheduled Event Handler

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Namespace: Atomia.Billing.Plugins.GenericWorkflowPlugin.ScheduledTasks.QuotaEnforceScheduledEventHandler

Quota Enforce Scheduled Event Handler

It is a new schedule task which collects all Quota services that exceeded 100% + tolerance usage where tolerance is set in plugin configuration and enforce quota for that package so it can not take more storage space. When storage usage for that package drops below 100% scheduled task will return the old quota for storage and mail part.

Keep in mind

This scheduled task requires that customer is using Quota service for storage calculation.

Available Configuration properties:

Plugin QuotaEnforceScheduledEventHandler is disabled by default.

  • Percentage tolerance (TolerancePercentage) – integer value which added on 100% is the maximum percentage of storage usage before quota is enforced.

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