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Scheduled task configuration

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The scheduled task configuration is placed in the table scheduled_tasks of the Atomia Billing database. Each record in this table represents one task’s configuration.

The following table shows the record structure of the scheduled_tasks table:

id Unique identifier of the record
name Name of the plugin that implements IScheduledTaskHandler interface. This plugih has to be defined in the plugin table.
last_run_time Last run timestamp.
next_run_time Next run timestamp.
expires_after Expiring period (in ticks) – number of ticks after which a task is no longer valid and should not be run (has effect only when RunOnce flag is set.)
run_once Run once flag – if set, task will be run only once.
period Period of repetition (number of ticks) – used to calculate next run time.
finished Task status (not used).
skip_holidays Skip execution of tasks on holidays – when set, task will run on non-holidays only.
skip_weekend Skip execution of tasks on weekends – when set, task will run on non-weekend days only.

Configuration example

Here is a configuration example of a scheduled task:

name NotificationHandler
last_run_time 2010-05-25 21:06:10.000
next_run_time 2010-05-25 22:06:07.00
expires_after 86400000000000
run_once 0
period 36000000000
finished 0
skip_holidays 0
skip_weekend 0

1 millisecond = 10000 ticks, 36000000000 ticks = 1 hour = 3600000 milliseconds.

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