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Technical information on obtaining and updating workflow configuration options

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Managing generic workflow options

Currently, there is no GUI to manage the options of the generic workflow. The management of the workflow is done directly in the database.

To get all workflow options, you can run the following query:

            select * from plugin
            inner join plugin_configuration on
            where full_class_name like 'Atomia.Billing.Plugins.GenericWorkflowPlugin%'
            order by full_class_name

To update the workflow options you have to update an appropriate entry in the plugin_configuration table. For example:

            update plugin_configuration
            set value = '{
            where fk_plugin_id = '11cdd494-de5b-460e-9ddf-4e84bad6f596'

Technical information about variables available in different email templates

Invoice PDF

To configure the order in which invoice lines are on the invoice use the InvoiceTemplating plugin configuration: Key: “InvoiceLinesOrderBy”.

SET value = 'ItemNo'
FROM plugin_configuration AS pc
INNER JOIN plugin AS p ON pc.fk_plugin_id =
WHERE pc.[key] = 'InvoiceLinesOrderBy'
AND = 'InvoiceTemplating';

The value can be any InvoceLine property such as ‘ItemNo’, ‘ItemName’, ‘Description’, ‘Price’,  ‘Quantity’ etc. The default is ‘ItemNo’.

Technical information about variables available for various plugins

PaymentRule001 plugin

  • AddToPrepaidCredit – Allows you to define the way an overpayment is handled. If it is set to “true”, an overpayment will be converted to prepaid credits.
  • MatchClosedOrCreditedInvoices – If AddToPrepaidCredit is set to “false” and MatchClosedOrCreditedInvoices is set to “true” your payment will be marked as overpaid and an invoice will be matched with the payment. On the other hand, the payment will be marked as UnmatchedInvoicePaid or UnmatchedInvoiceCredited depending on the invoice status.

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