Atomia Billing Server

Defining products

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Product properties

Atomia Billing allows you to define your products. Each product has the following properties:

  • Article number – unique short name of the product.
  • Name and description – the friendly name of the product. Product’s name and description can be defined in several languages.
    • Description – supports markdown in order to format text in a better way.
    - Element1
    - Element2
    [Atomia]( - This is atomia
    # Heading One
    **this text is bold**
  • Price – price can be defined in several currencies.
    • Fixed price – allows defining price for pre-paid products
    • Usage based price – allow defining counters with their prices which can be used for billing customers based on usage statistics (e.g. VPN instances)
  • Taxes applicable – maximum of two tax rates per product can be defined.
  • Category – products are grouped in categories (like, main package/subscription, extra service, etc.).
  • Renewal options – details for renewal of the subscriptions created for product:
    • Recurring? – defines whether the product is purchased one time or if it is recurring.
    • Renewal period – renewal period in months or years.
  • Deferred revenue – defines whether the product is subject to deferred revenue in accounting or not.
  • Provisioning options
    • Provisioning service – defines which service should be provisioned with the purchase of this subscription.
    • Provisioning allowed – defines if provisioning is allowed before or after payment.

The administrative page for adding new products

Image: The administrative page for adding new products.

Multiple currencies support

Atomia Billing supports multiple currencies. Each product can have prices in several currencies. Currency set is defined per reseller.

Each order can be placed using different currencies.

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