Onboarding overview

This is a brief overview of the onboarding process, from the meeting with the Delivery Team to the launch of your platform.

Onboarding process timeline

Image 1: Onboarding process timeline.

Meet the delivery team

Once you sign up for Atomia, you are introduced to the Delivery Team. They show you and guide you through the entire onboarding process, from A to Z.

Before moving forward, it is of utter importance that everybody involved understands the plan and have the information required to proceed. When all your needs are captured, the onboarding project can be started!

Set up your servers

After planning your project, you get your servers. You install a clean OS and set up your network by following our instructions.

Install Atomia

When the server setup is done, it is time for the installation. It is done using the Atomia Installer. If you prefer, Atomia Services can install Atomia for you with the preferences you desire.

Configure your platform

As soon as you’re done with the test environment, your team can start the configuration of it. By following the Delivery Team’s instructions your team performs configuration tasks covering products, payment options, email templates, currencies, languages, etc. Don’t worry, we support you all the way!

Change the design

Let’s not forget about design! You can adjust the platform to suit your needs and the look of your brand. The installation of the acceptance and production environment continues in parallel with the design changes. When you are done with the design changes to the panels and when the acceptance and production environments are ready, the configurations are imported to them from the test environment.
The test, acceptance, and production environments.

Image 2: The test, acceptance, and production environments.

Final testing and launch

Although tests have been performed during the entire onboarding process, a final performance test is done. Now it’s time to get yourself and your marketing team ready for launch. We are always really excited when we are launching to client, so we make sure that we do some joint marketing efforts.

How much time will all of this take?

Well, it depends on you. The installation of each environment only takes a few days. How long the configuration tasks will take depends on the amount of changes you want to perform. We aim towards having everything GUI based, to make all tasks as simple to perform as possible.

How long it takes to get onboard with Atomia also depends on the dedication of your team. The onboarding process concerns the set-up of your company, which is serious business. But, of course, having fun along the way is allowed!


So, to sum up the process:

  • Meet the Delivery Team
  • Get the servers
  • Install Atomia
  • Configure your platform
  • Change the design
  • Launch and celebrate!

To learn more about the steps above, see Onboarding Step-By-Step.