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Periodic and postpaid invoicing

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Periodic Invoicing

There are two ways of enabling periodic invoicing. If you want your customers to receive their invoices the first day of every month you set it up in the Renewal Configuration.

If you have configured that your reseller should receive your customers invoices you can enable the option “Is invoiced monthly” in the Admin Panel for the reseller. If this is done the invoices will be generated once a month for all customers that belongs to the reseller.

Example configuration:

              "AutoApprove": true

Postpaid Invoicing

Namespace: Atomia.Billing.Plugins.GenericWorkflowPlugin.ScheduledTasks.PostpaidInvoiceScheduledEventHandler

Creates postpaid invoices for usage based products.

Example configuration:

  • AutoApproveRecurringPayments If set to true and customer has valid payment profile and auto payment turned on, recurring payment will be scheduled and approved for issued invoice.

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