Atomia Billing Server

Orders, subscriptions and invoices

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Customer place orders to receive services from the company using Atomia Billing.

Order can be placed in any of the three applications of Atomia billing: Order Page, Customer Panel or Admin Panel. See API and SDK reference.

Orders auto-processing

Atomia Billing can process orders automatically or hold them for review by the staff. In later case, you can choose to process orders individually or several orders at once.

Processing orders create subscriptions and invoices for customers. For new customers, by processing order Atomia Billing will create an account and login username and password for Customer Panel.

Campaigns and discounts

You can configure campaigns and discounts to be applied to customer’s order. At the same time, you can activate several campaigns.

Here are some of the features of the campaigns:

  • Promotional codes – each campaign can have one or more promotional codes
  • Discount conditions – customer may need to fulfill one or more conditions to receive a discount. For example to buy two products, to receive 100% discount on the third one.
  • Campaign period – you can limit the duration of campaign.
  • Applicable products – you can define which products are on discount during the campaign
  • New or existing customers – you can choose if campaign is applicable to new, existing or both kinds of customers.

Subscriptions and recurring profiles

Each service that is either delivered, or will be delivered to customer in the future is recorded in Atomia Billing as a subscription.

Subscription is an instance of a product and as such has most of the properties of a product (as described in the Defining products section).

Subscription has two types of statuses:

  1. Main status – tells if the subscription is OK, Suspended, Closed or Terminated, Renewed, Upgraded or Downgraded
  2. Provisioning status – tells if the subscription has been provisioned to an external system

Recurring subscriptions

Subscriptions for recurring products are being renewed periodically. In this process, an invoice is created for the customer and, if needed, subscription is re-provisioned (for example, domain is renewed).

Reminders of renewals

Atomia Billing has support for adding plugins for any kind of periodic task. Default installation of Atomia Billing includes a plugin which can remind customers of comming renewals(for example, domain name renewals).

Integrations with provisioning systems

Atomia Billing can be integrated with any provisioning system. By default, Atomia Provisioning is supported, but other provisioning systems can be integrated using Atomia Billing Software Development Kit.


For every product purchased, customer will receive an invoice. Whenever possible Atomia Billing will try to add as many of the purchased products on one invoice instead of creating a separate invoice for each purchased item.

Sending invoices using email or regular post

Each customer may choose to receive invoices using email or regular post. Atomia billing makes it easy to do the invoice print work by allowing bulk invoice printing and sending.

Invoice templates

Company using Atomia Billing can fully customize the look of invoices. The invoice layout is defined using HTML based template.

Invoice reminders

Atomia Billing comes with a customizable workflow for sending reminders for unpaid invoices.

Customer can choose the number of reminders and time interval between each of two consecutive reminders.

Credit notes (credit invoices)

Using this feature you can create credit notes for your customers.

In Atomia Billing credit notes are always related to existing invoices. You can choose to credit the full amount of the original invoice, or any part of any product on the original invoice.

Credit invoices can be sent using email or regular post and have customizable templates, just like regular invoices.

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