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Quota Notification Scheduled Event Handler

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Namespace: Atomia.Billing.Plugins.GenericWorkflowPlugin.ScheduledTasks.QuotaNotificationScheduledEventHandler

Quota Notification Scheduled Event Handler

It is a new schedule task which collects Quota services that are exceeding some storage usage limit that is set in plugin configuration and sends an email to a customer to notify him about it.

Keep in mind

This scheduled task requires that customer is using Quota service for storage calculation.

Available Configuration properties:

Plugin QuotaNotificationScheduledEventHandler is disabled by default.

  • List of notification percentage (NotificationRange) – it is an array of objects where each one represents notification limit. Array object properties are:
    • Percentage (integer) – percentage for which notification would be sent.
    • ApplyTo (string) – ‘package’ or ‘mailbox’ are expected values of this property, and tells if calculation should be done for package or for a mailbox
    • MailTemplatePrefix (string) – name of the template that is used for a email content


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