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List of iterative releases in 23.08

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List of iterative releases in 23.8


AtomiaDNS 1.1.61

  • [FIX] – Fixed wrong email address format in SOA records.

Atomia Admin Panel 23.8.8612.23629

  • [IMPROVEMENT] – Export a list of all subscriptions under the selected customer
  • [IMPROVEMENT] – Added a possibility to reset a password by clicking on a link for a user in the Admin Panel
  • [IMPROVEMENT] – Added confirmation dialog on the ‘Order list’ page and the ‘Order view’ page in Admin Panel before deleting order

Atomia Billing Customer Panel 23.8.8612.23628

  • [FIX] Fixed slow loading of BCP pages for customers with many extra service subscriptions

Atomia Setup Tools

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add an option to configure the compatibility level for the MSSQL databases
  • [FIX] Fix installation of Atomia applications on the Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Atomia Hosting Control Panel 23.8.8612.23624

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Performed an automatic split of TXT DNS records that are longer than 255 characters
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added warning message when DNS zone is suspended
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Enabled multiple master IPs on the slave zone page
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Remove the SPF record type from the DNS manager

Atomia Store 23.8.8612.19808

  • [FIX] Added common translation for Norwegian

Atomia Identity 23.8.8612.25703

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added sending ‘password reset’ mail from Admin Panel’s Users tab

Atomia Billing API 23.8.8612.24673

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added option to suspend all hosting subscriptions in an account when that account is suspended
  • [FIX] Fixed the audit log that shows a wrong subscription state when the subscription changes a state
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Extend ‘TerminationOption’ to support custom termination date
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Raise event on account status change so that it is possible to perform custom actions if needed

Atomia Cloud Hosting Modules 23.8.8612.26803

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added support for suspending the DNS zones
  • [FIX] Fixed the application installation page to be compatible with the new version of Installatron 4.1.61

AtomiaDNS 1.1.60

  • [FIX] Added support for PowerDNS 4.7 in AtomiaDNS
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added support for suspending zones

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