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15.3 Supported features

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This is the complete list of features supported in version 15.3 of Atomia. The list is sorted by Openstack/Atomia component.

Atomia Automation Server

  • It is now possible to exlude quotas if needed. For example when not using Neutron.

Atomia Billing

  • More usage based counters added. In addition to VPS instance hours we now support volumes, bandwidth and snapshots.
  • You can now choose to only charge for actual usage of an VPS instance (don’t charge if it is shut down).
  • The usage based invoice handler is now integrated with the generic workflow making it easier to configure.

Atomia Hosting Control Panel

  • Configuration switch added that will disable usage based billing and adjust options available to fit in a subscription based model.
  • You can now resize instances without reinstalling the whole machine, meaning that all parameters such as ip and mac addresses are kept.
  • Adding and removing security groups from a created instance is now supported.
  • The reinstall action now works asynchronous.
  • Meters have been added to show current usage and maximum quota of cloud services.
  • If trying to delete a volume that has dependant snapshots a message will be shown telling you to delete the snapshots first.
  • Snapshots has been given it’s own view in addition to the nested volume view.
  • It is now possible to set passwords for Windows instances by using cloudbase init.
  • You can now specify a description for a snapshot.
  • Bulk actions in VPS manager has been fixed.
  • The ssh tabs now fetches user name from config instead of showing just “root”.
  • Link added to show a full screen console.

Atomia OpenStack Module

  • It is now possible to reset password for a Virtual machine.
  • Support for expanding volumes added.
  • Rebuild instance functionality has been improved to use OpenStack api methods.
  • Volumes can now be created in different tiers making it possible to have several types of storage backends with different prices.
  • Support resize of instances which has mapped cinder volumes as root disks.
  • You can now specify more networks to provision at creation time.

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