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14.9 Supported features

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This is the complete list of features supported in version 14.9 of Atomia. The list is sorted by Openstack/Atomia component.


14.9 is the first release of the dedicated OpenStack module. The previous EC2/OpenStack module is still supported but all future deployments should take advantage of the new OpenStack module included in Data Center Pack.

OpenStack Compute (Nova)

  • Configurable block device mappings on virtual machine creation
  • Creation and editing of keypairs
  • Creation and editing of security groups and rules
  • Start, stop and reboot a virtual machine
  • Provisioning of virtual machines

OpenStack Networking (Neutron)

  • Provisioning of a dedicated subnet for each project

OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder)

  • Clone an existing volume
  • Create and delete snapshots of a volume
  • Attaching and detaching volumes to/from virtual machines
  • Provisioning of volumes

OpenStack Identity (Keystone)

  • Create a seperate project per account in Atomia

OpenStack Telemetry (Ceilometer)

  • Pull usage data for cpu and bandwidth and create graphs based on the data

Atomia Hosting Control Panel

  • Download keypairs
  • Reinstall a virtual machine
  • Display VNC console to manage virtual machines
  • Display CPU and bandwidth statistics
  • Dedicated tab for all vps related services

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