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17.3 Stable Release (March 2017)

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The 17.3 release was released 2017-03-13. Some highlights of the release are:

  • A new reporting engine. We have rebuilt our reports from scratch. The goal has been to create a new reporting engine that can be used for more types of reports. The current reports are thought to replace our old ones and consist of invoices, credit invoices, account receivables, account aging, VAT, payments, and payment refunds. The new reports have functionality providing both overview summaries and details. It’s also possible to filter and segment data, for example invoices for Sweden segmented on product group.
  • Tax configuration in Admin. No more editing in the database is needed to set your taxes. This is now included in the Admin interface in which you can easily modify this.
  • Delayed termination. This feature improves termination workflows in two ways: it allows both customers and staff to terminate recurring subscriptions at the end of their current period. It also adds support for delayed termination with possibility to regret it while the subscription is in suspended state.
  • New gRPC APIs. The APIs of billing and automation server are now available using gRPC. This means that we have the APIs, but no applications have been updated to actually use them yet.
  • SSL certificates improvements. The possibility to set up premium SSL certificates only for customers which have a specific package. The end user can choose between several different premium SSL certificates. You can also allow only a defined number of premium SSL certificates per package and add free SSL directly in the hosting user panel without any kind of billing checkout.

Software versions

The 17.3 release consists of the software versions listed below. Please note that you should always use the latest version available at the stable package repository to make sure you get the latest security and stability updates.

  • Action Trail: 17.3.6281.14058
  • Admin Panel: 17.3.6281.14437
  • Automation Server: 17.3.6281.15805
  • Automation Server Client: 17.3.6281.15841
  • Customer Panel: 17.3.6281.14420
  • Atomia Billing: 17.3.6281.14207
  • Hosting Control Panel: 17.3.6281.14312
  • Atomia Identity: 17.3.6281.13998
  • Public Order Page: 17.3.6281.14029
  • Atomia Store: 17.3.6281.14045
  • Cloud Hosting Pack: 17.3.6281.13944
  • Atomia Domain Registration: 1.1.185
  • Atomia DNS: 1.1.44
  • Filesystem Agent: 16.9.1
  • Apache Agent: 17.3.1
  • DynDNS Agent: 15.3.2
  • Awstats Agent: 1.1.31

Upgrade instructions

There are some details requiring extra attention in this upgrade. Firstly, in this release all the POST requests in the web applications have CSRF protection enabled. This means that you have to change all the views with forms that you have customized in your theme to include the required CSRF token fields. You can use the Default and NewDefault themes as examples of how to do it. The change needed consists of adding <%= Html.AntiForgeryToken() %> to the corresponding form.

In addition, themes that contain their own version of the datatables jquery plugin needs to update it from 1.5.0b10 to 1.6.1.

Further, if the default configuration for the SSL domain prefixes in the Atomia.Web.Plugin.AdvancedWebsiteSettings.dll.config file was customized by you, the plugin setting name should be changed from “SSL Product Name” to “SSLAvailableDomainPrefix” with the same structure. The “SSL Product Name” configuration doesn’t exist anymore. Therefore, each SSL product must have the SSL type defined as a “Product” property of the item in the Admin Panel.

For environments using PostgreSQL, since 17.3 we require PostgreSQL 9.5 or newer.

Since 17.3 we support Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for all Linux agents/resources, and it is considered our current default distribution.

As always, some of the new features require configuration to use. You can find information about how to get started for each feature under Atomia 17.3.


In addition to this list of changes, more detailed descriptions of the major new features included in 17.3 are available at Atomia 17.3.

The list of changes since the last stable release (16.9, released at 2016-09-19) include:

New features

  • Control Panels: Added new reporting engine feature which allows easier custom reports from GUI.
  • Control Panels: Free premium SSL certificates for specific packages.
  • Control Panels: Selection between different SSL certificate types.
  • Control Panels: GUI for creating/modifying/deleting tax profiles.
  • Control Panels: Added support for configurable two step termination where administrators can configure products to delay termination by given number of days.
  • Atomia Billing: Added new reporting engine feature which allows easier custom reports from GUI.
  • Atomia Billing: Tiered pricing is the new default of all counter types, if.
  • Atomia Billing: Handling free SSL certificates during package downgrade.
  • Atomia Billing: Implementation of methods for creating/modifying/deleting tax profiles.
  • Atomia Billing: Added default CreditInvoiceCreated event handler which sends created credit invoice if configured to do it.
  • Atomia Billing: Added support for configurable two step termination where administrators can configure products to delay termination by a given number of days.
  • Cloud Hosting Pack: Added GetExpirationDate and GetExpireOffset methods for domain query service.
  • Cloud Hosting Pack: Add generic SSHCommand module.
  • Cloud Hosting Pack: Add hooks for enabling quota enforment when using GlusterFS to the default provisioning description.


  • Control Panels: Relaxed email regex in SSL view, allowing all possible TLDs.
  • Control Panels: SSL name empty in MySubscription renewal table.
  • Control Panels: NewDefault renewal period rendering in cart.
  • Control Panels: Allow error pages to be displayed for non logged in users.
  • Control Panels: The Domain manager menu link was missing when multipackage mode was enabled.
  • Control Panels: Displaying static contacts in domain manager fix.
  • Control Panels: Preselected contact in WHOIS bulk action fix.
  • Control Panels: Updating contacts when static contact exists fix.
  • Control Panels: Package selected with selectedHostingPackage URL param on customer dashboard page is no longer switched on page change.
  • Control Panels: Swedish translations in Edit/Add users pages in BCP.
  • Control Panels: Broken Add/Edit users page in NewDefault theme.
  • Control Panels: Icon font disappears in IE11.
  • Control Panels: Fixed duplicated CMS items on application installer page when custom categories are defined in configuration.
  • Control Panels: Added Cron Jobs to NewDefault theme.
  • Control Panels: Wildcard certificates didn’t apply to subdomains correctly.
  • Control Panels: Order customer country was sometimes invalidly sent to the API as a friendly name instead of a country code.
  • Control Panels: Fix daggre usage statistics when using multipackage mode.
  • Control Panels: Fixed Product Add/Edit pages to work when there are no reactivation products.
  • Control Panels: Fixed performance issues of Edit Product page for recurring products with lots of subscriptions connected to them.
  • Control Panels: Fixed using OneClickInstaller when customer has multiple websites.
  • Control Panels: Fixed resetting some fields when reseller is editing product.
  • Control Panels: The VPS table Search call failed when a VPS was pending addition.
  • Control Panels: Fixed Add Reseller page and Customer Add and Edit pages to set reseller_status properly when resellers are created.
  • Control Panels: Fixed fields rendering for import mail templates on Mozilla Firefox.
  • Control Panels: Fixed initial item status possible values in excel document for products export/import.
  • Control Panels: Fixed synchronization between billing and registry domain expiration dates on domain restore / improved billing of domain renewal.
  • Control Panels: Fix reactivation of domains logic / performance improvements.
  • AtomiaStore: Support for MailOnOrder is added.
  • AtomiaStore: Added support for contact custom fields in Store.
  • Atomia Billing: Made template previewing more robust.
  • Atomia Billing: Fixed PayEx direct payment method plugin to support TLS 1.2.
  • Atomia Billing: Fixed a bug in the user_data view that made listing of users fail.
  • Atomia Billing: Made the matching of subscriptions to invoice lines more robust.
  • Atomia Billing: Fixed listing of shops where less shops than requested are returned.
  • Atomia Billing: Fixed removing all prices/counter types for reseller.
  • Atomia Billing: Fixed removing all renewal period prices for reseller.
  • Atomia Billing: Fixed listing of shop products to override product names and descriptions only for shop usage, not system-wide.
  • Atomia Billing: Fixed possible NullReferenceException bug when prepaid credit items fetch returns null which prevented renewals from executing.
  • Atomia Billing: Don’t override selected customer language on creation with reseller default language.
  • Atomia Billing: Fixed synchronization between billing and registry domain expiration dates on domain restore.
  • Atomia Billing: Fixed GetProvisioningActionsForSubscriptions operation path.


  • Control Panels: Add possibility to change pricing model of usage counters.
  • Control Panels: Made it possible to restore custom DNS records when editing a website.
  • Control Panels: Implement generic CSRF protection in both default themes.
  • Control Panels: Introduced caching strategies for better handling of products cache refresh.
  • Control Panels: Updated datatables from 1.5.0b10 to 1.6.1 in HCP/Default.
  • Control Panels: Enabled state save in domainmanager in both themes.
  • Control Panels: Replaced all instances of deprecated parameter name iSortDir_ with new sSortDir_.
  • Control Panels: Filter domain list by package if multipackage is enabled.
  • Control Panels: Added caching to static resources, configurable through a global setting.
  • Control Panels: Added cachebusting for said static resources.
  • Control Panels: Support for categories sorting.
  • Control Panels: Added possibility to configure Shop default edit page with standard Edit as default.
  • Atomia Billing: VDC invoices are now more friendly and displays the name.
  • Atomia Billing: Add tiered pricing to usage counters.
  • Atomia Billing: Modified CreateCreditedInvoice API operation to raise pre- and post- created events.
  • Atomia Billing: Added lightweight methods for working with shops: GetShopDetailsById, UpdateShopDetails and SearchShopsDetails.
  • Atomia Billing: Optimized performance of Shop’s Create and Update methods.
  • Atomia Billing: Optimized performance of DefaltShopValidator.
  • Atomia Billing: Added Billing API configuration option UseUnsuspendedState which determines whether subscription state after Unsuspend action will be Unsuspended (configuration value true) or OK (configuration value false).


  • Old default theme: Used in User Panel. Includes bulk edit of websites.
  • Old order page: Replaced by new store which has shopping cart as default.

API Changes

The full list of changes to the APIs since the last release is:

Keep in mind

No changes have been made to APIs not listed below.

Billing API

  • New event handlers
    • CreditInvoiceCreated
  • New methods
    • AddBillingReport
    • AddReportDataSource
    • DeleteBillingReport
    • DeleteReportDataSource
    • DeleteTaxProfile
    • GetBillingReportById
    • GetReportData
    • GetReportDataSourceById
    • GetShopDetailsById
    • ListBillingReports
    • ListPendingSubscriptionTerminationRequests
    • ListReportDataSources
    • SearchShopsDetails
    • SearchTaxProfiles
    • TestDataSourceQuery
    • UpdateBillingReport
    • UpdateReportDataSource
    • UpdateShopDetails
    • UpdateTaxProfile

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