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16.9 Stable Release (September 2016)

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The 16.9 release was released 2016-09-19. Some highlights of the release are:

  • Extensive polishing and improvements of the new default theme. The new theme in the Hosting Control Panel released in 16.3 has received much attention during this release cycle and is now better than ever.
  • SSL by default through Let’s Encrypt. When using our default Haproxy load balancer setup, you now get automatic free SSL certificates for all websites through Let’s Encrypt out of the box.
  • CloudLinux integration. It is now possible to use CloudLinux as the server operating system for your Atomia web servers and MySQL database servers. CloudLinux has several features aimed at shared hosting providers that allow for more efficient use of server resources.
  • Provision VPS on public clouds. You can now resell virtual machines from public cloud providers and your end users can manage these virtual machines from within the Atomia control panel. It is possible to sell both virtual machines hosted on your own OpenStack environment and virtual machines hosted by public cloud providers to the same customers. This is often referred to as hybrid cloud hosting. This release has been tested with both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
  • Backup/cloning of virtual machines. It is now possible to allow users to create a backup for safekeeping of their running virtual machine, to ensure the data is kept safe for future needs. The backup will create a new image by taking a snapshot of the virtual machine. This image can later be used to launch one or more new virtual machines. This means that the feature is both useful for backup/restore as well as cloning of virtual machines.
  • Many other improvements. Many other new features and improvements can be found at our release page for Atomia 16.9.

Software versions

The 16.9 release consists of the software versions listed below. Please note that you should always use the latest version available at the stable package repository, to make sure you get the latest security and stability updates.

  • Action Trail: 16.9.6103.21574
  • Admin Panel: 16.9.6106.13758
  • Automation Server: 16.9.6103.18322
  • Automation Server Client: 16.9.6103.18340
  • Customer Panel: 16.9.6106.13717
  • Atomia Billing: 16.9.6103.10702
  • Hosting Control Panel: 16.9.6106.13348
  • Atomia Identity: 16.9.6103.17447
  • Public Order Page: 16.9.6103.21793
  • Atomia Store: 16.9.6103.17762
  • Cloud Hosting Pack: 16.9.6103.10968
  • Atomia Domain Registration: 1.1.180
  • Atomia DNS: 1.1.42
  • Filesystem Agent: 16.3.1
  • Apache Agent: 15.9.2
  • DynDNS Agent: 15.3.2
  • Awstats Agent: 1.1.31

Upgrade instructions

There are some details requiring extra attention in this upgrade. Firstly, in this release all windows applications have been upgraded to use .NET 4.6.1 (except Atomia Billing, which was upgraded with the 16.3 release) – requiring this to be taken into consideration during the upgrade. All customizations need to be updated to target .NET 4.6.1, and you have to update all referenced assemblies to the latest version. Secondly, the shops feature is enabled by default in this release and if you want to keep using the old XML product provider you need to add a transformation for this.

The upgrade of all windows applications should be done like this:

  • Install .NET 4.6.1 from if this is not already installed on the server.
  • Change the application pool for the application in question to use .NET 4 and “Integrated” mode instead of “Classic” (if not already set like this).
  • Upgrade the application.

If you want to keep using BillingApiXmlProductsProvider for picking the products to list on your order page or in the Customer Panel instead of using shops, then add this transformation file:

<configuration xmlns:xdt="">
	    <register type="IProductsProvider" mapTo="BillingApiXmlProductsProvider" xdt:Transform="SetAttributes(mapTo)" xdt:Locator="Match(type)" />

As always, some of the new features require configuration to use. You can find information about how to get started for each feature under Atomia 16.9.


In addition to this list of changes, more detailed descriptions of the major new features included in 16.9 are available at Atomia 16.9.

The list of changes since the last stable release (16.3, released at 2016-03-14) include:

New features

  • General: Added support for audit logging.
  • Cloud: Add support for backup/restore of virtual machines.
  • Cloud: Add support for provisioning on public cloud providers from within Atomia.
  • Shared Hosting: Add support for using CloudLinux as the server operating system for your Atomia web servers and MySQL databases.
  • Control Panels: Set and change user language from Admin panel.
  • Control Panels: Disable auth code tab option if domain has unpaid invoices.
  • Control Panels: Added option to print receipt for paid invoices.
  • Control Panels: Export/import mail templates from admin panel.
  • Control Panels: List of emails sent to customer available in customer card.
  • Atomia Billing: Export templates function.
  • Atomia Billing: Methods for getting emails sent to customers.


  • Control Panels: Don’t show deleted items if they have been linked to a shop when editing.
  • Control Panels: Move domain and whois protection subscriptions when mergin accounts.
  • Control Panels: Moved website domain regex to config/fixed regex.
  • Control Panels: 2nd tax applied even when not shown in product add/edit page.
  • Control Panels: Added missing validation errors translations in HCP.
  • Control Panels: Resellers price field for counter range not visible when changing from fixed to usage based prices.
  • Control Panels: Don’t append “Customization_” when adding mail templates.
  • Control Panels: Fixed filtering invoices by statuses on Customer’s Card.
  • Control Panels: Button for adding new exchange mailbox removed when MsExchangeMailbox limit is reached.
  • Automation Server: Fixed counters in the round robin resource assignment policys.
  • Atomia Billing: Make sure that paused scheduled tasks doesn’t get unpaused by accident.
  • Atomia Billing: Fixed bug that made auto crediting fail if the invoice were credited.
  • Atomia Billing: Improved performance in the subscription renewal task.
  • Atomia Billing: Improved GetLoginAccountById logic to support multiple logins per account.
  • Atomia Billing: Added support for the AddUser template.
  • Atomia Billing: For a new customer use the language set in the reseller configuration instead reseller account default language.
  • Atomia Billing: Added account id in provisioning and generic workflow logging.
  • Atomia Billing: Multiple included packages provisioned if main package provisioning fail.
  • Atomia Billing: The entry for Guernsey (GG) was missing in the country table.
  • Atomia Billing: Remove downgrade option if old and new items are recurring and don’t have common renewal period.


  • Control Panels: Transfer domain page allows auth code not to be required for specific TLD.
  • Control Panels: Customer card subscription list allows search for part of a domain name.
  • Atomia Billing: Added additional placeholders for the invoice and reminder templates.
  • Atomia Billing: Added a default shop.
  • Atomia Billing: Delay recurring payment if there is payment transaction in progress for invoice.
  • Atomia Billing: Global search allows search for the part of a domain name.
  • Atomia Billing: Product names on printed invoice now contain name of the product and domain name (if domain is related to the product).
  • Atomia Billing: Added new variables to enable custom formatting of invoice lines on invoice template: OriginalItemName (name of the product without domain name), DomainName and HasDomainName (true if domain name is available).
  • Atomia Billing: Improved PaymentMatcher to match invoices by reference number regardless of reseller who issued the invoice.
  • Atomia Billing: API method GetOrderByInvoiceNumber is marked as obsolete and replaced with GetOrdersByInvoiceNumber.
  • Atomia Billing: API method GetSubscriptionByFriendlyId is marked as obsolete and replaced with GetSubscriptionsByFriendlyId.

API Changes

The full list of changes to the APIs since the last release is:

Keep in mind

No changes have been made to APIs not listed below.

Billing API

  • New event handlers
    • OrderCalculatedEventHandler
  • New methods
    • CreatePartialRefundFromPaymentId
    • GetBulkSendStatusById
    • GetOrdersByInvoiceNumber
    • GetPrepaidCreditBalance
    • GetPrepaidCreditsRelatedToPayment
    • GetSubscriptionsByFriendlyId
    • GetTaxRuleResultBulk
    • GetTemplatesForExport
    • ListBulkSendStatusesForCustomer
    • SearchBulkSendStatuses
  • Changed methods
    • UpdateBulkSendStatus is now allowed for the Reseller-role as well
    • UpdateBulkSendJob is now allowed for the Reseller-role as well
  • Removed methods
    • GetOrderByInvoiceNumber is marked as obsolete and replaced with GetOrdersByInvoiceNumber
    • GetSubscriptionByFriendlyId is marked as obsolete and replaced with GetSubscriptionsByFriendlyId

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