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Atomia Data Center Solution

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Atomia Data Center Solution is a set of modules that allows Atomia Automation Server to provision virtual machines and other services through OpenStack.

Supported features

In order to make it clear what features are supported in which versions of Atomia this section contains a complete list of features grouped by version when it became available and Openstack/Atomia component.

Version 15.3

15.3 contains a lot of new functionality including full billing support for offered services in both usage based and subscription based mode as well as other improvements and bugfixes.

Atomia Automation Server

  • It is now possible to exlude quotas if needed. For example when not using Neutron.

Atomia Billing System

  • More usage based counters added. In addition to VPS instance hours we now support volumes, bandwidth and snapshots.
  • You can now choose to only charge for actual usage of an VPS instance (don’t charge if it is shut down).
  • The usage based invoice handler is now integrated with the generic workflow making it easier to configure.

Atomia Hosting Control Panel

  • Configuration switch added that will disable usage based billing and adjust options available to fit in a subscription based model.
  • You can now resize instances without reinstalling the whole machine, meaning that all parameters such as ip and mac addresses are kept.
  • Adding and removing security groups from a created instance is now supported.
  • The reinstall action now works asynchronous.
  • Meters have been added to show current usage and maximum quota of cloud services.
  • If trying to delete a volume that has dependant snapshots a message will be shown telling you to delete the snapshots first.
  • Snapshots has been given it’s own view in addition to the nested volume view.
  • It is now possible to set passwords for Windows instances by using cloudbase init.
  • You can now specify a description for a snapshot.
  • Bulk actions in VPS manager has been fixed.
  • The ssh tabs now fetches user name from config instead of showing just “root”.
  • Link added to show a full screen console.

Atomia OpenStack Module

  • It is now possible to reset password for a Virtual machine.
  • Support for expanding volumes added.
  • Rebuild instance functionality has been improved to use OpenStack api methods.
  • Volumes can now be created in different tiers making it possible to have several types of storage backends with different prices.
  • Support resize of instances which has mapped cinder volumes as root disks.
  • You can now specify more networks to provision at creation time.

Version 14.9

14.9 is the first release of the dedicated OpenStack module, the previous EC2/OpenStack module is still supported but all future deployments should take advantage of the new OpenStack module included in Data Center Pack.

OpenStack Compute (Nova)

  • Configurable block device mappings on virtual machine creation
  • Creation and editing of keypairs
  • Creation and editing of security groups and rules
  • Start, stop and reboot a virtual machine
  • Provisioning of virtual machines

OpenStack Networking (Neutron)

  • Provisioning of a dedicated subnet for each project

OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder)

  • Clone an existing volume
  • Create and delete snapshots of a volume
  • Attaching and detaching volumes to/from virtual machines
  • Provisioning of volumes

OpenStack Identity (Keystone)

  • Create a seperate project per account in Atomia

OpenStack Telemetry (Ceilometer)

  • Pull usage data for cpu and bandwidth and create graphs based on the data

Atomia Hosting Control Panel

  • Download keypairs
  • Reinstall a virtual machine
  • Display VNC console to manage virtual machines
  • Display CPU and bandwidth statistics
  • Dedicated tab for all vps related services

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