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18.10 Stable Release (October 2018)

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Some highlights of the 18.10 release are:

  • Security. We have added a new integration module for Patchman to detect vulnerabilities and is able to safely patch them without customer assistance.
    Also, Patchman detects uploaded malware on your website storage and quarantines it for you.
    We have added a new page on Hosting Control Panel for security control. There are two ways to reach this page.
    First one is from drop down list. Second one is from Security card inside Advanced Website section.Additional info about this integration can be found at this page.
  • Application Installer Backups. Application installer is improved to allow possibility of creating, restoring and deleting backups. Whole new page is created for displaying list of application backups and to provide possibility of using previously mentioned actions. Also actions like installation, backup, restore and others are changed to execute in background, asynchronously, which gives client possibility to manage more than one application at once. Backups page can be accessed through Backups action from Manage application drop down on the Application Installer page.

Software Versions

The 18.10 release consists of the software versions listed below. Please note that you should always use the latest version available at the stable package repository to make sure you get the latest security and stability updates.

  • Action Trail: 18.10.6939.24950
  • Admin Panel: 18.10.6936.26257
  • Automation Server: 18.10.6935.23978
  • Automation Server Client: 18.10.6935.23983
  • Customer Panel: 18.10.6936.26255
  • Atomia Billing: 18.10.6936.27043
  • Hosting Control Panel: 18.10.6936.26245
  • Atomia Identity: 18.10.6935.24161
  • Atomia Store: 18.10.6936.27226
  • Cloud Hosting Modules: 18.10.6935.23883
  • Atomia GDPR Web API: 18.10.6935.24520


This release also includes performance and security improvements.

There have been many fixes and improvements in the iterative releases since 18.10. List can be seen here.

Keep in mind

From this release Domainreg Contact Name parameter can only contain letters and special characters ‘ and -, so all contacts which do not meet these requirements wont be able to purchase extra domains. This can be fixed by editing existing contact before ordering new domain, or by overriding customer_validation.full_name.1 regex in C:/Program Files (x86)/Atomia/Common/atomiaConfigurationStore.overrides like it is explained here.

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