Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform

Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform

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This is an introduction to the Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform, covering the basics from a high-level overview to the features in our latest release.


Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform, or simply the Atomia Platform, is an umbrella term for Atomia’s high-performing applications: Atomia Admin Panel, Atomia User Panel, Atomia Billing Server, Atomia Automation Server, Atomia Domain Registration, Atomia DNS, Atomia Order Website, Atomia Installer, Atomia Cloud Hosting Solution and Atomia Data Center Solution. Together these form an advanced, modern shared hosting and server automation platform. The Atomia Platform provides all the administration and end-user tools for shared hosting, domain, and DNS providers to offer their end users a state-of-the-art hosting experience.
The architecture of the Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform

Image: The architecture of the Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform.


The Atomia Platform includes the following suite of products:

  • Atomia Admin Panel: The control panel for your administrators and support staff. The Atomia Admin Panel is where you manage customers, products, subscriptions, invoices and payments. Atomia Admin Panel is an API client to Atomia Billing Server and Atomia Automation Server.
  • Atomia User Panel: A highly customizable control panel for your end users, built on top of Atomia WebFrame and MVC. Comes with out-of-the-box support for domain name management, website management, VPS management and much more. Can be extended to support the language and currency of your choice. Is an API client of Atomia Automation Server.
  • Atomia Billing Server: An extensive API product for handling customer and billing data. Atomia Billing Server is plug-in driven and comes with a provision plug-in for Atomia Automation Server.
  • Atomia Automation Server: A generic modular provisioning framework with an extensive API and SDK. The very core of the Atomia platform.
  • Atomia Cloud Hosting Solution: A set of modules and agents to support clustered shared hosting. Allows Atomia Automation Server to talk to the most common servers and applications used for hosting.
  • Atomia Data Center Solution: A set of modules that allows Atomia Automation Server to provision virtual machines through OpenStack. More information about what OpenStack functionality is supported can be found here.
  • Atomia Domain Registration: A plug-in based domain registration software. It allows you to choose registry/registrar per TLD and implement new ones by only coding the registry/registrar specific logic. Supports DNSSEC and auto-renewal. Comes with plug-ins for EPP, OpenSRS, Enom, CoreNic, Ascio and several others.
  • Atomia DNS: Atomia DNS is an open source and free to use DNS management system. For more information, please read the manual or visit:
  • Atomia Installer: Module used to deploy and configure the complete Atomia environment.
  • Atomia Order Website: A web application for ordering products and services via the Atomia Platform. It’s often used connected to the public website, and is the place where the actual ordering of services takes place and where customer and billing details are provided. This data is then used to create an account in Atomia.

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