Atomia Web Frame

Main components

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The main components of the Atomia web framework are:

  1. Atomia Web Frame
    • A Microsoft Visual Studio project that represents the starting point for developing web applications based on it. The Atomia Web Frame extends the ASP.NET MVC 2 framework by using features from the Atomia Web Frame SDK.
  2. Atomia Web Frame SDK (aka Atomia Web Base )
    • A set of rules and re-usable components used to simplify the development of a web application. These features can be used both in the Atomia Web Frame and in Atomia Web Frame Plugins.
  3. Atomia Web Frame Plugins
    • A set of software components that add features to the web application based on the Atomia Web Frame. The plugins are easily added to the web application using the built-in mechanism in Atomia Web Frame for registering plugins. It is highly recommended to use the Atomia Web Frame SDK features during plugin development. Atomia Web Frame has the following built-in plugin:
      • Service References: Provides references to Atomia APIs (Core API, Billing API, etc) and wrappers for invoking API methods.

Atomia Web Frame structure

Image: Atomia Web Frame structure.

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