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Atomia Validation Framework

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All validation code for the Atomia GUIs have been collected in the Atomia.Web.Plugin.Validation plugin. It is written to be as similar as possible to the standard way of doing validation in ASP.NET MVC, i.e. you add attributes to your model fields in the backend and then enable client validation in the view, and backend and front-end validation will be done more or less automatically.

Each validation attribute that you add to the model has a corresponding JavaScript function that is recognized as a validation method by jQuery Validation.


  • The same validation rules are used both on the backend and the front-end, the former to make sure that we do not accept invalid data, the second to increase usability for users in that they get validation feedback before submitting the form.
  • The same validation code is used as far as possible in different projects and applications.
  • A standard way of doing validation makes things easier to understand when coding on different applications and different parts of the same application.
  • Validation that depends on country and product can be configured instead of being implemented over and over again for different cases.

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