Atomia Agents

Developer's guide

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This manual describes the Atomia File System Agent API and contains API references.


The Atomia File System Agent exposes methods for managing user’s files and directories. All these methods can be access through the simple REST api. Atomia File System Agent recognizes three different types of file system items:

  • Users root folder (type RootFolder)
  • Folder (type Folder)
  • File (type File)

Therefore, the API methods are grouped into three separate sets, based on the file system item type. Arguments “folderId” and “fileId” are paths of the folder/file relative to the value of the “FS_STORAGE_PATH” configuration item which represents user content root. The File System Agent clients don’t have to worry about absolute paths because all agent methods accept only paths relative to the user content root. Also, these arguments must be html encoded when agent methods are called. For example: let say “folderId” value is, this represents path:


The agent will concatenate “FS_STORAGE_PATH” and this value to get absolute path.

All API methods require basic authentication. File system agent also supports commit/rollback actions for each of the file system item type. Best practice is to call commit method after add/delete/modify/call_operation method is successfylly executed or call rollback if you want to undo previous action.

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