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Change registrar for TLD

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How to change registrar for one or more of your TLDs


Atomia Domain Registration has a possibility to change registrar for the TLD (Top Level Domain). It means that domains that are registered with the old registrar are going to continue to work with the old registrar and all new domains are going to be registered via the new registrar.


Switch from old to new registrar requires a few manual actions:

    1. Update the TLD in a the tld table in the domainreg database:
      UPDATE tld
      SET tld = 'oldtld'
      WHERE tld = 'tld';
      • oldtld is the new name of your existing TLD that you want to switch to another registrar (e. g. oldcom or oldnet). It doesn’t have to be in the format with “old”  prefix appended to the current TLD. You can choose any name (only small letters are allowed a-z), but it must be unique. The name will be used in the following steps.
      • tld is TLD that you want to switch to another registrar (e.g. comor net).
    1. Update force_tld_id column in the domain table.
      UPDATE domain 
      SET force_tld_id = 11 
      WHERE domain LIKE '%.tld'; 
      • force_tld_id is set here to 11. That number is just an example. It should be set to the ID of the TLD in the tld table that was updated in the previous step. This tells the system to always use that ID for these domains instead of to get ID based on the TLD used in the domain name.
    2. Update name in domainreg.conf for the TLD from tld to oldtld
      • tld and oldtld are parameters from the first step.
      • Add tld_name  = tld property in domainreg.conf for the TLD
    3. Add a new TLD in the tld table
      INTO tld (tld)
      VALUES ('tld');
    4. Add a new configuration for the TLD in domainreg.conf. Example of the new configuration is here.

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