Atomia Domain Registration

Atomia Domain Registration

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Atomia Domain Registration is a system for registrars that manages the connections to different registrys and handles domain registration and management.

Atomia Domain Registration provides an API which maps TLD and registry specific details into a coherent and easy to use set of methods.

System overview

The domainreg architecture is like:

  • One master process named “Atomia Domain Registration Scheduler”. The code for this can be found in lib/Atomia/
  • One or more processes per configured TLD. Each is an instance of some plugin in lib/Atomia/DomainReg/Plugin.
  • An optional WHOIS server that also handles WDRP mails.
  • The plugins all extend lib/Atomia/DomainReg/ which contains common code and methods that work cross all TLDs.
  • There is one special TLD plugin called lib/Atomia/DomainReg/Plugin/ which handles internal objects like contacts and DNSSEC keys.
  • The methods exposed are defined in lib/Atomia/DomainReg/
  • In addition to the main domainreg app there is a mod_perl application that takes the commands from clients, submits them to domainreg and waits for one TLD process to pick them up, execute them, and return the response.
  • All inter-process communication is through the transaction table in the postgresql database.

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