Atomia DNS


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Using the Atomia DNS Master server.

Atomia DNS API

The Atomia DNS Master server is administrated using an API which you can use to create a web interface or other applications. For information on how the API works and how to use it see Atomia DNS API.

Atomia DNS DynDNS

The Atomia DNS DynDNS client is used to handle DynDNS updates according to the DNS protocol. The client acts as a regular nameserver but only has support for DynDNS updates. For information on how DynDNS works and how to use it see Atomia DNS DynDNS .

Master database

The schema for the Atomia DNS database can be found on the Atomia DNS Master server in /usr/share/atomiadns/schema.

It contains the following tables:

allowed_type Ccontains a list of allowed DNS types together with regular expressions for validating data.
updates_disabled Always contains a single row stating if updates to the nameservers are disabled or enabled.
nameserver Contains one row of all nameservers subscribing to this data set.
change Contains one row for every changed zone per nameserver that hasn’t propagated the change yet.
zone Contains the zone name and a primary key.
label Contains the label name, a foreign key mapping the label to a zone and a primary key.
record Contains the record data, a foreign key mapping the record to a label and a primary key.

It also contains a number of triggers for validating data and one stored procedure for every method in the Atomia DNS API .

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