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Configuring the Atomia DNS DynDNS server to fit your environment.

Configuration file

The config file used by Atomia DNS DynDNS is placed in /etc/atomiadns.conf and contains the following settings:

soap_uri http://hostname.of.your.soap.server/atomiadns URI of the Atomia DNS API.
tsig_keyname atomia-dns-key The name of the shared key that all authorized DDNS clients needs to use.
tsig_key ZXhhbXBsZQ== The base64-encoded shared key used to authorize DDNS updates.

soap_uri and tsig_key always needs to be changed. For the other parameter, the default settings will work if used at the clients as well.

Default config file:

soap_uri = tsig_keyname = atomia-dns-key #tsig_key = ZXhhbXBsZQ==

Scripts and commands

For more information on how to use the Atomia DNS DynDNS server see Atomia DNS DynDNS usage.

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