Atomia User Panel

Domain Manager

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Domain Manager features

Atomia Domain Manager allows all aspects of domain management to end customers by default. This includes:

  • Registration of new domain
  • Inbound transfers
  • Outbound transfers
  • Domain management:
    • Changing all domain contacts
    • Changing name servers of the domain
    • Creation of name servers for the given domain
    • Domain locking, that prevents accidental transfers (This is only available for some gTLDs)
    • Domain whois protection (This is only available for some ccTLDs and gTLDs)
    • DNSSEC (This is only available for some TLDs. It is not enabled by default. Learn how to enable it here)

Domain manager

Image: View of the Domain Manager in the User Panel.

The User Panel allows for all above mentioned domain management functions to be executed by the customer. Atomia will prolong any request made by the end customer to the registry where the domain is registered. It is possible to disable any of the above functionalities by customizing them, if necessary.

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