Atomia Performance Monitoring

Atomia Performance Monitoring

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This manual describes the Atomia Performance Monitoring system and what it does. It also covers installation and configuration of Atomia Performance Monitoring.


The objective of this project is enabling non-intrusive performance monitoring of Atomia applications, with an as low resource utilization overhead as possible. A typical use case scenario involves monitoring a web application, couple of APIs and a database. The goal is to log info about http requests (or any initial call) and subsequent request/method/function/api/database calls. Obtained logs can later be analyzed and hierarchically visualized, which can help to identify slow sections and bottlenecks of Atomia applications. In other words, Atomia Performance Monitor should behave as an application profiler, however on a larger scale. Not only inner method calls of a single application should be logged, but also calls between applications or outer calls.

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