Atomia Identity

Atomia Identity

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This manual give an introduction to Atomia Identity. It also covers installation and configuration of the system.


Atomia Identity is the service for Identity management in the Atomia Provisioning system.

It provides the following functionalities:

  • Claim-based, SAML, authentication and authorization.
  • Pluggable sources of claims.
  • Identity data management (name, address, email, etc.).
  • User and groups management.

Identity functionality

Image 1: Identity functionality.

Application environment

Typically, Atomia Identity is used by several applications. These applications use the two main features of Atomia Identity:

  1. STS (Security Token Service) for SAML based authentication and authorization – this feature is used by all applications to authenticate and authorize users.
  2. User Management – this service is used by the central application to maintain the list of users and their properties.

Typical usage of Atomia Identity

Image 2: Typical usage of Atomia Identity.

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