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Cron jobs, virtual directories and SSL certificates

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Cron jobs

The end user can add tasks (Cron jobs) that are regularly executed. All times displayed are local times and the end user can use checkmarks to enable or disable scripts.

Cron tasks

Image 1: Managing Cron tasks.

Virtual directories

Virtual directories allows you to map folder URLs to a server path.

Virtual directories

Image 2: Virtual directories overview.

SSL certificates

Depending on the configuration, SSL certificates can be used in the following ways:

  1. Create a self signed certificate, which creates HTTPS – but will produce a ‘warning’ message to visitors.
  2. Upload your own (valid) certificate.
  3. Buy a certificate.

In all three cases, any changes done through the User Panel will create necessary changes on the web server. If you choose to buy a certificate, Domain Validated type of certificate will be automatically installed for you. Extended validation and Organization validation will require manual checks.

SSL certificates

Image 3: SSL certificates overview.

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