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Offering multiple SSL types and free SSL certificates

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How to configure multiple SSL types, set up SSL certificates to be availabe only within certain packages, or available for free.


The Atomia system supports selling of multiple different SSL certificate types to customers. Each certificate type can be set to be available only within certain packages. A certain number of SSL certificates within each package can also be set to be available for customers for free.

Configuring multiple SSL types

In order to offer multiple different SSL types to customers a product has to be created in the Admin Panel for each SSL type.

  1. Open Admin Panel > Products > Add new product.
  2. Set the following values:
    1. Provisioning service: SSLCertificate
    2. Product category: SSL
    3. Type of billing: Fixed price, Recurring
    4. Renewal period: Only yearly renewal periods are supported
    5. Reprovision: True
    6. Renew with: Same product
  3. Add a new product property in the product’s Other data section to specify the SSL certificate type.
    1. The property name should be Product.
    2. The value should be one of the SSL certificate types that the selected SSL provider supports (for example quickssl).

The possible values for the OpenSRS provider that Atomia currently supports can be found in their documentation. See the product_type property.

Configuring SSL certificates to be available only within certain packages

It is possible to limit the availability of certain SSL certificates in the Admin Panel to specific packages.

  1. Open the existing SSL product for editing in Products > Actions > Edit.
  2. Add a new product property in the product’s Other data section.
    1. The property name should be Packages.
    2. The value should be the package’s article numbers separated with the | symbol (for example HST-GLDY|HST-PLTY).

When the SSL product update is done the SSL certificates will only be available for customers who have one of the packages from the configuration.

Configuring free SSL certificates

With Atomia it is possible to offer free SSL certificates to customers. This is useful e.g. if a client wants to offer a certain number of free SSL certificates when a customer purchases a specific package. To offer this the SSL product needs to have a free renewal period set.

  1. Go to Admin panel > Products > Actions > Edit for the SSL product.
  2. There should be a renewal period (one or more years) with the price set to 0 for the reseller currency. Since an SSL product configured this way will be available for free for all customers, you might have to set some limitations.
  3. Open Admin panel > Products > Actions > Edit for the package’s product and add a new product property in the product’s Other data section.
    1. The property name should be FreeSslMaxNumber.
    2. The value should be the number of free SSL certificates in total that will be available to the customer within this package.

Keep in mind

If the limit of free SSL certificates within a package is set to 1 and the customer sets up one free SSL certificate and then removes it from the User panel, they won’t be able to set another one for free even though the first one is removed. This is due to the additional SSL certificate setup cost. This behavior can be changed per package by adding a new property to the package’s product. The property name should be FreeSslCountTerminated with the value false.

Once the free SSL limit is reached for the package the customer will no longer be able to set one more certificates for free. If the SSL certificate’s product has some other renewal period defined with a price larger than 0 the customer will be offered to buy it. Otherwise, that SSL won’t be offered to customers anymore.

If a customer downgrades to a package that has a lower free SSL limit than the current one the excess number of certificates will be either converted to the paid renewal period (if it exists for the product), or terminated.

Configuring prefix for SSL certificates

It is possible to create a wildcard certificate with a prefix *. By default this prefix is not included, but it can be added through configuration. Go to Hosting Control Panel, open Atomia.Web.Plugin.AdvancedWebsiteSettings.dll.config and in pluginSettingCustomAttributeList section add

<pluginSettingCustomAttribute id="domainprefix2" name="*" value="*" />

Configuring SSL validation with DNS

SSL certificates are validated with email by default. Some OpenSRS certificates support validation with DNS. To enable DNS validation, you need to add the custom attribute DnsValidation with the value true to the SSL product. When a customer buys DNS validated SSL certificate, Atomia automatically adds DNS records for the certificate validation. The DNS validation also works for renewal.

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