Configuring test modules

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How to set up test modules to perform tests on your platform.


Test modules (Dummy modules) are Automation Server modules that always return success, without executing anything. They are useful especially when performing tests on the front-end.

Provisioning description

Each simple service in the provisioning description has the attribute providingModule. This defines the module that is responsible for service provisioning. For a real module, the value looks like this: Atomia.Provisioning.Modules.{Module}.{Module}.

To set a test module, the namespace changes, so it will look like this: Atomia.Provisioning.Modules.TestModules.{Module}.

To use a test module instead of the real one, simply replace all of the Atomia.Provisioning.Modules.{Module}.{Module} values with Atomia.Provisioning.Modules.TestModules.{Module} values.


Real module: Atomia.Provisioning.Modules.Dns.Dns
Test Module: Atomia.Provisioning.Modules.TestModules.Dns

Resource description

In the resource description there is a list of modules defined for each set of bindings. All real modules that are replaced in the provisioning description need to be replaced here as well. You can also add a test module to the list of modules without removing the real module.

Current limitations

There are modules with no test module pair. At the moment we do not have a list of all the available test modules, but all the services available for management in our default User Panel are supported by test modules.

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