Storage usage with Quota service

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How to setup Quota service to be used for storage calculation that is displayed in Meters in Control Panel.

Before you begin

Quota service is used for web and mail storage usage calculation and for displaying that data in Control Panel. It requires that you have Quota agent machine and that your storage is calculated by xfs_quota command. Also all customers needs to have added Quota service for there package/packages for this to work correctly.

Enable Quota service storage usage

To enable Quota service for displaying storage usage you need to change property UseQuotaStorageStatistics to true for Atomia.Web.Plugin.HCP.Provisioning.dll.config in Hosting Control Panel. Also you can change cache period for Quota service by changing property QuotaCacheTimeoutInMinutes at the same location as the previously mentioned property.

Example of the code

<pluginSettingsPlugin pluginName="Meter"/>
<pluginSetting name="UseQuotaStorageStatistics" value="true"/>
<pluginSetting name="QuotaCacheTimeoutInMinutes" value="30"/>

Full file path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Atomia\HostingControlPanel\bin\Atomia.Web.Plugin.HCP.Provisioning.dll.config

If you want to disable Bandwidth you can do it by setting ShowBandwidthStats to false for Atomia.Web.Plugin.Meter.dll.config in Hosting Control Panel.
Full path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Atomia\HostingControlPanel\bin\Atomia.Web.Plugin.Meter.dll.config

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