Is this registry or registrar supported by Atomia?

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A list of the registries and registrars supported by Atomia.


Atomia comes with flexible domain name management built in, and lets you integrate with any registry or registrar. We support numerous top-level domains already, and more are easy to add if needed.

With Atomia you and your customers can register, renew, and transfer domain names. We support many domain name-related actions, including DNSSEC. Combined with our DNS management system, you can offer your end users a solution that gives them full control over their domain names, all available to them in the User Panel.

Supported top-level domains

We have direct registry support for the following TLDs:

  • .com/net/org/biz/info
  • .uk
  • .nu
  • .eu
  • .de
  • .nl
  • .se
  • .no
  • .pt
  • .fr
  • .pl
  • .at
  • .be
  • .it
  • .es
  • .fi
  • .ie
  • .ch
  • .ca
  • any other TLD that has standard EPP support

Other TLDs can be handled via any of these registrars:

  • OpenSRS
  • Ascio
  • CORE
  • eNom
  • Openprovider
  • RRPproxy from Key-Systems

The plugin-based Atomia domain registration software lets you to choose a registry or registrar for each TLD. Support for additional TLDs not listed here can easily be added by creating a plugin with the necessary registry- or registrar-specific logic.

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