Order line custom attributes

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Here you find explanations of the available custom attributes for different product and order types, as well as their possible values.


Some products in Atomia have predefined additional properties, which can influence their provisioning. But for some product types it is required to provide some data during the order process, in order for the products to be provisioned properly with the desired service properties. This additional data is stored in the form of order line custom attributes. This data is copied during the order processing to created subscriptions, and is later used in provisioning.

Before you begin

The Atomia’s end-user applications that are used for creating new orders (Order Website and User Panel) handle the customer’s input automatically and store the data in the required custom attributes. Information obtained here is needed if orders are created manually from Admin Panel, or when using Atomia’s APIs for integration with custom applications.

Domain registration

Domain registrations are ordered using products of the category Domain.

  • Required custom attributes
    1. DomainName: Specifies the domain to be registered.
    2. AtomiaService: Defines the type of the website service that is to be created for the domain. The list of possible values depends on the website types in the Provisioning description and the customer’s package, but by default, the following website types are supported: CsDomainParking, CsDomainRedirection, CsDomainFrameRedirection, CsDomainNoWebsite, CsLinuxWebsite and CsWindowsWebsite
  • Optional custom attributes
    1. DomainRegContact: Holds the serialized DomainRegContact object of the contact that should be used for the domain to be registered. This can be a new or an existing domain contact. If not supplied, the customer’s default contact will be used.

Domain transfer

Domain transfers are ordered using products of the category DomainTransfer.

  • Required custom attributes
    1. DomainName: Specifies the domain to be transferred.
    2. AtomiaService: The same as for domain registration.
    3. ChangeNameservers: Determines whether the nameservers should be updated for the transferred domain. Possible values: true, false.
    4. TransferAuthCode: Auth code for transferring the domain.

Extra services

Extra services are ordered using products of the category ExtraService. Atomia’s default extra services don’t require any custom attributes to be provisioned. An exception to this rule is extra services, which require a domain name and have the item property DomainBased = true. In that case, the DomainName custom attribute should be provided.

Extend orders

Even though recurring subscriptions are renewed automatically, it is possible to trigger their renewal by creating orders with type EXTEND.

  • Required custom attributes
    1. SubscriptionId: Holds ID of the subscription to be renewed.

Domain restore orders

For domains that are possible to restore after their expiration, a restoration order has to be created. The order has to have one order line per domain that should be restored.

  • Required custom attributes
    1. DomainName: Specifies the domain to be restored.
  • Optional custom attributes
    1. DomainNewExpirationDate: Specifies the new domain expiration date, in case the domain should be renewed for an additional year.

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