Moving services between accounts

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How to enable transfer of services from one account to another.


The Atomia Platform’s default setting is to allow transfers of the types listed below.

  • CsDomainParking
  • CsDomainNoWebsite
  • CsDomainRedirection
  • CsDomainFrameRedirection
  • DomainRegDomain

It is also possible to allow additional services to be transferred. The service transfers can be hooked into the code with a customisation plugin.

The customer can manage transfers in User Panel > [Username] > Merge account.

Move services between accounts

Image: Move services between accounts.

Configuring the service transfer

  1. Open the Atomia.Web.Plugin.Accounts.dll.config file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Atomia\HostingControlPanel\bin.
  2. Change the JSON-formatted configuration to fit your additional needs.
  3.     <pluginSetting name="mergeableServices" value="[{'ServiceName':'CsDomainParking','DomainNameProperty':'Domain'},{'ServiceName':'CsDomainNoWebsite','DomainNameProperty':'Domain'},{'ServiceName':'CsDomainRedirection','DomainNameProperty':'Domain'},{'ServiceName':'CsDomainFrameRedirection','DomainNameProperty':'Domain'},{'ServiceName':'DomainRegDomain','ServicePath':'CsDomainRegList','DomainNameProperty':'Name','TargetServiceName':'CsDomainRegList'}]" />

Customizing the service transfer

  1. When creating your own customised plugin, there are four different entry points that you can utilize:
    1. PreAutomationServerMerge
    2. PreBillingMerge
    3. PostAutomationServertMerge
    4. PostBillingMerge
  2. Set the mergeServiceCustomizationClass in the configuration file.
    <pluginSetting name="mergeServiceCustomizationClass" value="MergeServiceCustomizationExample.MergeServiceCustomizationExample, MergeServiceCustomizationExample" />
  4. Create a plugin. A code example can be downloaded here: Merge Service Customization Example.
  5. Compile the plugin and place the DLL (and pdb if you want to debug) in C:\Program Files (x86)\Atomia\HostingControlPanel\bin.

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