Editing a reseller

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How to edit a reseller in the Admin Panel.

Editing information about reseller

  1. Log in to the Admin panel.
  2. Select Settings > Reseller configuration.
  3. When the list of all available resellers is shown, select the reseller that you wish to edit.
  4. Edit reseller data.
  5. Required fields must be filled.

Editing password pattern for reseller

Password pattern is used for automatic generation of random password for a new customer. Every password pattern character is substituted with a random character from the group of characters represented by that password pattern character. Groups of characters represented by password pattern character:

  • a – lower case alphanumeric character
  • A – mixed case alphanumeric character
  • U – upper case alphanumeric character
  • c – lower case consonants
  • C – mixed case consonants
  • z – upper case consonants
  • d – digit
  • h – lower case hexadecimal character
  • H – upper case hexadecimal character
  • l – lower case letter
  • L – mixed case letter
  • u – upper case letter
  • p – punctuation
  • b – bracket
  • S – printable 7-bit ASCII
  • v – lower case vowels
  • V – mixed case vowels
  • Z – upper case vowels

Password pattern must be able to produce a password that is 8 characters long and contain upper case letter, lower case letter, and a number. If password pattern contains a character that does not represent a group of characters, it will be included as is in generated password.

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