Atomia Order Website

This page gives an introduction to the Atomia Order Website (Atomia Store) and its functionality. Here we also describe how to proceed to install and customize the Atomia Order Website.


Atomia Order Website is a web application and framework for ordering products and services via the Atomia platform. It can be used as a stand-alone web shop (the default), or parts of Atomia Order Website can be used to implement an embedded store in other applications. With the Atomia Order Website you can accommodate almost any kind of hosting service or product, e.g. domain names, shared hosting, VPS hosting, SSL certs, cloud storage and hosted blogs.

Atomia Order Website ties directly into Atomia Billing, where you define your products. Our billing system also makes sure new orders are provisioned to your infrastructure via our Automation Server. So once your Atomia installation is in place and has been configured, it is fully automated all the way from order to provisioning and billing (subscription or usage-based for VPS).

Example: A signup page for shared hosting

Here is an example of how an order page for shared hosting, including a domain name, can be set up.

Example setup of Atomia Store

Image: Example setup of Atomia Order Website.

  1. Pick a domain name
  2. Pick a hosting package
  3. Fill in billing information
  4. Confirmation + upsell options
  5. Thank you page

These shared hosting packages can also be replaced with something else, for example different types of VPS packages.

The Atomia demo environment

If you want to have a closer look at the Order Website, check out our demo environment:

Before you begin

Atomia Order Website is an ASP.NET MVC 5 application and some familiarity with Visual Studio and Razor views is assumed for most customization tasks. Most views also contain JavaScript in form of knockout.js.

Atomia Order Website requires Atomia Billing 15.9 or newer.


As with our other applications, Atomia Order Website is installed with the Atomia installation GUI.


In our AtomiaStore GitHub repository, you will find instructions how to change the style of your Atomia Order Website. Contact our support to get access to the GitHub repository.